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26 Dec

it’s that time of year when we all make resolutions we don’t keep. still I think it’s a good time to look back at what we accomplished in the last year and what we can improve on. here’s my top three for both.


1. traveled to Texas to visit family

2. managed to follow Dave Ramsey‘ s envelope system

3. made healthy lunches for my family most school/work days


1. take time to relax and appreciate my family

2. make and freeze dinners for busy week nights

3. spend time in the Word everyday

Now it’s your turn… looking back over the past year what did you do right and what could you improve on.


Why Another Blog About Food

19 Nov

Source: via Pinterest

You might be thinking there are so many food blogs out there why do we need another one. Well, you might not, but I do. I recently found out the cause of some discomfort in my back was due to 1. my lack of strength and 2. arthritis in my lower back. I decided to get strong and get healthy. This blog will be my place to record what I am learning about eating and living for health.

Please share with me any insights your have on healthy eating and healthy living. What’s your best tip for eating right when time and money is tight? To get you started, mine is simply plan ahead.